Is the Sims 5 Trailer for Real?


The Sims game caters a fun-filled gaming experience created as a life-simulation game. It was developed by the popular name Maxis and was published by EA or Electronic Arts in the year 2000. Since then, this game has seen multiple versions, the latest of which is Sims 4. Although there have been talks about the Sims 5 game, no confirmation of its release date was received. However, a video has been doing rounds all around the internet. The video looks fairly close to an official release by its makers.

However, there have been doubts as to whether the video is real or a fake fan-creation.

The Sims 5: Official Launch Trailer

Sims 5 trailer official is available on YouTube for the fans. However, by the looks of it, it can easily be judged that it is nothing more than a fan-made trailer to spark up the hopes for Sims 5 being released soon. The 49 seconds long trailer has been posted with a message stating, “OMG! It’s Here!!” along with a link for gamers to purchase the same.

However, the users who uploaded the fake video cleared out any misunderstandings by adding another line to the post stating the same is not real. The video was posted on 1st February 2019 and has managed to garner around 285 views till date.

The Sims 5 Announcement Trailer [REACTION]

Just after the fan-made video was posted to look like an official release by EA, another video popped up over the video sharing platform, YouTube. This video was the Sims 5 announcement trailer [Reaction] by the user with channel name “The Sims Supply”. The channel is popular with everything about the Sims game and latest releases in the market. This 11 minutes 29 seconds long trailer has garnered around 3,730,413 views till date after its posting date back on 9th March 2018.

The user named James Turner confirmed in his reaction for Sims 5 trailer that the video posted as official one was in all ways fake. He made this video as a satirical tribute to the maker of the video.

While it has been assumed that the Sims 5 game shall be released somewhere in the year 2021, no confirmed timeline has been provided by the makers as of yet.

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      1. But if you do see a real one don’t say anything mean because a lot of people want that game to come out and ea said if it not so good and people don’t like it they will not make the game don’t ruin it for everyone

  1. If its true I sure hope we can do more than just hero stuff and I like having a family in the sims but other than that its cool

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