Sims 5 game: What should you know about the latest successor to Sims 4?

Today’s gaming industry has changed a lot since the very first introduction of games to the digital platform. While games with the “Battle Royale” modes have been among the popular ones, lifestyle and role-play based games such as “The Sims” has gained a major fan-base in itself. Fans couldn’t overcome the popularity of Sims 4 and yet again there is a new addition to this series in the market with Sims 5.

Why SIMS 5 was introduced to gamers?

Sims 5 was news hanging by a thread given the fact that its maker Grant Rodiek once mentioned that the introduction of Sims 5 shall never happen if the current version of the game, i.e., Sims 4 fails to obtain good numbers in terms of sales or support from the players. However, that was then and this is now where Sims 4 has its own cult-like fan-base with its latest version up and running in the market.

While the very first version or the original version of Sims was released back in 2000 with 11.5 million sales, the Sims 2 version was out in the year 2004 followed by Sims 3 for the year 2009. Now, Sims 4 entered the market in the year 2014 and finally Sims 5 is officially out for the year 2019.

Estimated Date for Sims 5 Release

Sims 4 has tons of things going along at the given moment and based upon the immense contribution over its forums, the Sim Gurus have been focusing over the current game as opposed to the new one. Sims 4 has acquired 4 major expansion packs, 12 stuff packs, and 5 game packs by the 2018’s first half. While Sims 4 is still as fresh in the market, Sims 5 could be months away. However, there is no way Sims 4 is going down as 9 major packs were recently launched for this game.

Not just that, developers working with Maxis think that a lot could be fixed for Sims 4 before the launch of Sims 5.

What does Sims 5 bring to the table?

ZERO Loading Screens

One among the biggest addition to set Sims 5 apart from its predecessors is the fact that it comes with no presence of loading screens given the large expanse of world to be explored. This might not be a groundbreaking change but by far an essential one for the Sims lovers.

Drive Your Cars

And what about driving? Sims 5 provided an insight to the fact that driving cars just might be a possibility inside the new game. The game developers shall no longer provide ridiculous stories to bar the players from driving when inside the game. Additionally, the ability provided by the game to move from one point to another using the map and a vehicle makes it seamless & user-friendly when compared to its previous market runners.

Toddlers and Parenthood

Sims 4 was a bit disappointing for the users given the fact that it failed to bundle the toddlers with the game. Also, several basic features in the game play had been reserved in the form of expansion packs. Now, toddlers and parenthood are set to be a part of the Sims 5 game.

Micro Transactions

Sims 5 publishers Maxis and Electronic Arts will most definitely try and avoid mistakes made in the previous versions. The Sims users never appreciate additions such as micro transactions. This is why the users might find no use for this feature for purchasing expansion packs, game packs, or other DLCs. Sims 5 brings many other features that will surely make the game a worthwhile investment of time and fun. Know more of the features included in the game play Sims 5 on our website’s features section.

Expected Changes by gamers for Sims 5

Face Texturing:

With Sims 5, the outward looks of your Sims 5 character can easily be redone along with its hereditary qualities like changes in dimples, eye bags, and the nose along with Philtrum button that easily increases the character’s beauty.

Eye Shading:

If changes come along with Sims 5 for the character’s eye color, it can add more beauty to the characters. The eyebrows, Nose Bridge, and head wrinkles should be available for redesigning with proper innovation that changes the overall appearance of characters.

Skin Tone:

Another easy addition to the latest version of this game might be the ability to change the color of the skin for your characters. The color can range anywhere from medium, dark, to blue or green that will help distinguish the characters.

Body Changes:

The choice for 3D designs can be an extremely fabulous addition while keeping the structure of the character’s body in mind. With the newly added features, the characters can extent the overall muscle coverage and enhance the character’s body strength. Changes ranging from muscles, spots, birthmarks, belly button, etc can be a great merit to the Sims 5.

More Cosmetics:

With Sims 5, the gamers can obtain numerous choices for changing the lip shading. Likewise, you can also add cosmetics such as Tattoos to be altered with respect to the current-day styling. An alternative for face veil can also be present in the soon-to-arrive Sims 5 which can also come with 3D.

More Rooms:

The new Sims 5 might also allow the players a chance to purchase their houses with 3 or 5 rooms. This might specifically be useful for the game to house more people. A remake for the floors in 3D positions with an expanded size can be anticipated as a part of the expected changes in Sims 5.

House Surroundings:

There are several highlights in terms of house surroundings that will create a lovely setting all around your Sims 5 residence. The added features for house surroundings includes fences, trees, garden, swimming pool, etc with 3D graphics mode.

Facility for Vehicle Parking:

Parking facility in Sims 5 is also in line to be increased with addition of more vehicles in Sims 5. It will provision the players a chance to park the vehicles in their own house. The feature incorporated into the game is altering the door size of the garage with an aim to increase game points.

Basements and Stairs in House

As per rumors, the players will get a chance to choose the type of stairs whether it is L-Shaped or U-Shaped. Players will also get scope for basement adjustment especially for players trying to build homes in hilly landscapes

Bottom Line.

With several necessary features left out in Sims 4, the news of Sims 5 entering the market is nothing less than a celebration for the players. For more insights about the new game, you can read through various sections of our website that includes the rumoured changes, important features, and graphical changes brought with the game.

What’s the Lifespan of the Sims 4?

Sims 4 had its fair share of success and before shifting to Sims 5 officially, EA has plans to take up as much business from Sims 4 as possible. This is why; EA recently added the latest feature to Sims 4 which is Pets Expansion. Given the fact that this was launched very recently, we might have to wait a bit more before the official launch of Sims 5. Moreover, Pets Expansion isn’t the last feature to be seen for Sims 4 as EA comes with many more plans for the same.

Will EA publish Sims 5 or Not?

In an effort to clarify this doubt, some genuine predictions can be made based on the statements made by Rodiek, the maker of this game. As per rumours, Maxis is all ready to create the game while EA (Electronics Arts) shall publish the same. This is only if enough revenue is attracted by this franchise which is currently performing exceptional among PC games.

Sims 4 with its launch in the year 2014 garnered a huge user-base with no revelations for the sales figures. However, to answer the question, Sims 5 shall surely be out soon enough.

Sims 5 also focuses over Xbox Consoles and PS5

The Sims 5 game if set to release 2 years in future, shall draw massive attention with its collaboration with newer consoles that are designed for complete use of hardware power that is better than existing ones. The Xbox consoles and the PS5 could be the best primed hardware based consoles that are best for playing Sims 5 game. Not just that, Sims 5 could find way to seamless integration in our daily lives with VR or smartphones.

Official Release Date-Sims 5: 2019/2020?

In the last 2 decades, EA has managed to launch at least one of the Sims game every 4 or 5 years. Witn regards to the schedule for launch of Sims 5 predecessors, the year 2019 shall be the 5th year. This means there is a high probability for Sims 5 to be launched in the same year given the pattern and if everything goes as planned with no technical glitch during the testing phase of the game. However, the launch could also be postponed till the year 2020 as it is the 20th Anniversary for Sims Franchise making it the most suitable year for latest franchise launch.