Sims 5: E3 2019 Event and Announcements

Sims 5 at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019/Sims 5 E3 2019

This year, there was no peep from the Maxis or EA with regards to the official release date of The Sims 5 game leaving most of the series fans questioning whether there is a sequel in the making or not. Given the fact that there has been so much interest in the current version of the game, i.e. Sims 4, the market is all prepped up for the latest sequel for this life simulation. Sims 5 E3 2019 discussion was completely skipped by the makers.

Why wasn’t SIMS 5 discussed at the E3 2019?

It can safely be assumed that Sims 5 game wasn’t discussed or show off during the E3 2019 as neither Maxis nor EA had anything to be showed for this game. Not just that, there was no such indication that this game is actually in development. However, it is to be noted that although Sims 5 E3 wasn’t a topic of discussion, more content for the current Sims 4 game is underway. The Maxis team have recently hired Michael Duke as their new Guru during the month of April to function at the position of senior producer. It is okay to assume that Maxis shall give Sims 4 a good run before it goes out and announces a sequel to the same.

Days post the release of Sims 4 game, Grant Rodiek, the producer of Sims 4 mentioned over the official forums of Sims game that if Sims 4 fails to do well among the fans, the Sims 5 game is out of question. However, this comment was deleted soon.

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